Friday, December 10, 2010

Cosmetic Essentials with the Polyatomic Ions you NEED!

By Marcy Applebaum and Emily Sher

Revlon Age Defying All Day Lifting Foundation SPF 20, Cool Beige
1.     zinc oxide  ZnO  
2.     magnesium sulfate  MgSO4  
3.     boron nitride  BN
4.     iron (II) oxide  FeO
5.     iron (III) oxide   Fe2O3

Nair Lotion Hair Removal with Aloe and Lanolin
6.     calcium hydroxide  Ca(OH)2
7.     sodium hydroxide  NaOH 

Cover Girl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil
8.     calcium carbonate   CaCO3 

Clearasil Stay Clear Daily Face Wash, Oil Free
9.     sodium acetate   NaCH3COO
10.sodium chloride  NaCl
11. potassium hydroxide  KOH 

Aquafresh Sensitive toothpaste
12. sodium fluoride  NaF
13.potassium nitrate    KNO3

Avon Daily Oxygen Facial Cleanser
14.magnesium nitrate   Mg(NO3)2
15. potassium phosphate   K3PO4
16. sodium phosphate  Na3PO4

Dove Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash
17. ammonium sulfate   (NH4)2SO4

Clairol Herbal Essences, True Intense Color, Honey Fusion, 26- Moon Dance
18. sodium carbonate  Na2CO3
19. hydrogen peroxide  H2O2 

Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff Nails French White Tip
20. calcium fluoride   CaF2
Cover Girl Clean Oil Control Liquid Makeup, Natural Ivory
21. barium sulfate  BaSO4

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